History Dynasty Generator Initiation


History is replete with the rise and fall of large dynasties. This application provides a simple way quantitatively simulate the rise and fall of the power of a dynasty. This simulation efficiency-discounts pure exponential growth to produce a model that can be roughly validated using anecdotal data and other techniques. Specifically, exponential growth is discounted by the decreasing efficiency faced by the dynasty. Of course this is merely a rough approximation, and a more complete representation would add an empirical "noise" mask.

The value of this approach is that is allows a basis of debate and comparison. How well does the generated profile fit reality? If not very well, then this suggests that one or more of the assumptions is incorrect. Assumptions include that the regime is large, has "taken hold" and is substantially independent. The Principle of Fast Entropy is also assumed.

Use this page to initiate the creation of a regime. All you need do is enter the start and end dates of the regime. If desired, you can choose a fast or slow growth rate. Please note that the terms "regime" and "dynasty" are used interchangeably.

This simulation is for educational and demonstration purposes. If desired, please contact the developer for more rigorous research quality simulations.

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